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Unmarried single children buy insurance first choice for accidents and regular l

Тема в разделе 'Инди игры', создана пользователем gnijwang0p8n, 8 июн 2018.

  1. gnijwang0p8n Member

    Yangcheng Evening News reporter Cheng Hanghuan
    with the emergence of lost families, more and more attention has been paid to the elderly who have lost their independence. For an only child, buying an insurance reduces the financial risk of a sudden accident, which can at least relieve the pressure on the elderly who lost their independence economically.
    , a 30 year old Mr. Lee, is the only child in his family. He is not yet married. He loves outdoor adventures. He often uses his weekends or holidays to carry his bags away. However,Please login or register to view links, when he climbed a mountain in an uninhabited area recently, Mr. Li had fallen accident and passed away with death. Mr. Li was very scared, unable to imagine his parents' life after he left suddenly: what did he leave to his parents? Who will give their parents a pension? So Mr. Li, who never bought insurance, bought himself a regular life insurance of 1 million yuan, and the beneficiary was his parents.
    only child first choice of accident and life insurance
    "child care for old age" is a traditional Chinese concept. However, in recent years,Please login or register to view links, the people who have lost the independence of the elderly have come to the public view, and a widely spread data is that "there are 76 thousand new families in our country each year, with more than one million in the country." Their spiritual and economic "old men's absence" is a sigh.
    buying insurance for oneself and taking parents as beneficiaries is a very effective way to solve this problem. Regular life and accident insurance are the first ones to consider. The former ensures insurance compensation after death, while the latter transfers the risk of accident. These two kinds of insurance products have the characteristics of low premium and high insurance amoun

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