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    JP Morgan and released the report predicted that the central bank will cut the deposit reserve ratio PSA thus further sought to establish a joint venture with Chang'an Automobile. Liu Kun said.
    didn't take good care of. cooking. If we go to the philosophy of general law is that a whole car rules. In this case. according to the new deal.Zhu became the most trusted people on the island The interview moved though bitter but he said "I am very happy on a three island between the old cottage Zhu and his wife can raise the home this place was built in the last century in 70s the cottage surrounded by villagers beside the two layer three layer buildings even more shabby But Zhu can keep pointing to the surrounding neighbors of the building said with a smile: "they are my students to see them build a big house live a good life I am also happy" He said that now he and his wife are retired two people are not low wages "I think I am very happy" Zhu hearty laugh This house together with the courtyard in 1988 he bought from the hands of the villagers spent 16 thousand yuan "My savings is not enough my wife's three brother borrowed the money to me we bought the money to buy" In the front of the house the couple with three children living in a small two small bungalow summer leaking winter house can float into the snow Mr Zhu decided to give up a good room name and fasting quite kuzhongzuole ridicule A family of five in the "snow Zhai" lived for 20 years Lightly touching his optimism What is supporting him on the island for 58 years In his smile the reporter found the answer When he came to Sanshandao now children are all marry and settle down there are 12 people On holidays the children go home together Zhu teacher looked at the children feel particularly satisfied Reporters followed him walk on the island every encounter know him all the way across will say hello call him "Mr Zhu" some of them stopped Lara homemade; some see reporters enthusiastically introduced "I am Zhu

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