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    Isn't there anyone who doesn't have high intelligence to succeed? who is more special,Please login or register to view links? The difference is that they are willing to think and you do not so you are a failure Three: work hard only those who have tried he will succeed no matter what you do must take one hundred and twenty percent of the heart to do because the success of those who only respect those who work hard If you do things careless and casual three days fishing nets drying for two days then you will be without a single success Even if things don't work hard you will not regret no regret because you know you have tried your best is the so-called "man proposes God disposes" we can't guarantee what success one hundred percent Four: money in today's materialistic society money is a master key it can open many doors to success Do not say I am vulgar reality is like this if I vulgar it is reality forced me vulgar You say now this society what don't want money eat and drink Lazarus all want money you will be very strange how to go to the toilet but also money Well I can tell you for sure that you need money not more than one yuan and everyone who has been to the public toilet knows it Love money love money meet for the first time drink drink this is not money Marriage dowry is not money Is it money to buy a dress and a movie If you love the girl with you you are reluctant to spend a penny that I can feel shy is sure to tell you tomorrow you will pray if I say no then you are certainly toy boy but their toy boy is not love involve more direct money so no money is absolutely not money plays a key role in the success of
    no other,Please login or register to view links, However,Please login or register to view links

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