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    According to Taiwan's Central News Agency reports Taichung City second market to celebrate 100 years Taichung Municipal government will be held in May this year on the basis of the "Taiwan Daily News" recipe reproduce the era of central Taiwan the largest restaurant "drunk on building" "Taiwan cuisine according to" Taichung mayor Lin Jialong also called the Taichung Confucian Temple not monuments is the former KMT Japanese shrine removed and then use the "Confucius rule"; his "Taichung Park later rulers with brutal Japanese culture will remove the copper horse then put on Confucius" these are existed we must understand that Future generations have the chance to get to know the history of this period" Lin Jialong said "we're here do not know what to drink water to grow up a lot of people's head is filled with" Chinese thought " their living places are not feeling great to find from Taichung please find what is the Education Bureau of Taichung District after the great man don't look for the history of die for a long time people looking for a place to contribute to the community and then into education otherwise the whole man of the world is that a few it is difficult for us to become a great man" Green why only on Japanese are interested in 50 years Suffered from osteoporosis and memory loss The face of the history of the blind pursuit of "China" and "beautify Japanese era" in fact after Taiwan Pingtung County Mudan Township reconstruction of the Japanese Shrine issue had caused the public rally KMT policies CEO Cai Zhengyuan in the January 29th attack killing Japanese ethnic minorities in Taiwan place the DPP will rebuild the shrine in Japan Japanese to flatter very unbelievable Taiwan political commentator Ben Wong in February 3rd in the face book issued said Taiwan has got some people on the history of cognitive "osteoporosis and amnesia" which is characterized in that the body is paralyzed motionless on the bow bow; on the other hand loss of memory of colonial hu

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