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    The sound of a wave,Please login or register to view links, the smash of the glass in the little master,Please login or register to view links, the pieces of the thorn piercing the palm of the hand. Zhu Meng suddenly roared out,Please login or register to view links, stretching out the big hands of the green bars, and grabbed Zhuo Dong's dress. "Where is she?" Where is the man you say? " Zhuo Dong moved and did not move,Please login or register to view links, looking at his hand cold and cold, just waiting for the hand to relax his clothes, and he slowly said, "the man I say will come soon." He seemed to be talking to Zhu Meng,Please login or register to view links, but his eyes were watching Xiao Gao. Three at this time, a shiny black carriage was stopped outside the gate of Changan. There is a faint bamboo string in the round forest

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