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    Then came the cold answer: "because these messages are not brought by people,Please login or register to view links, they are brought by dove,Please login or register to view links, dove can not speak, can only bring letters." "Dove is not a hawk," he said. The journey from Luoyang to Changan is not very near. If you want a pigeon to bring a letter,Please login or register to view links, you cannot bring too long a letter. There was no emotion in the voice of Zhuo Dong: "it must be a very long letter to make it clear,Please login or register to view links, so they have to divide the letter into four sections and give it to the four dove." "Do you get a pigeon?" "Two." Zhuo Dong said,Please login or register to view links, "two dove, two pieces of letters." "Which two?" "The first and last paragraphs."  

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