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    Caressing the sword: "in the past, the Taoist took 77 forty-nine hands to return to the wind and dance willows and swords across the world, and died under the sword of the famous swordsman. I don't know how much. " He put down his long sword and picked up a big axe from the rack. "This is the former Mount Huangshan chivalrous chivalrous Wuling wood axe,Please login or register to view links, the net weight of seventy-three Jin,Please login or register to view links," he said: "he used only eleven tricks,Please login or register to view links, but every trick is a very hegemonic killer,Please login or register to view links, it is said that at that time no one in the river can walk seven strokes under his hands." Xuan Hua axe beside the handle is like a gun and not a gun, because the gun head is not a gun tip,Please login or register to view links, it is a sickle, but also linked with a chain.

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