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    If you want to light the light from that little cave,Please login or register to view links, you know,Please login or register to view links, when the light moves to the entrance, it will be destroyed again. Just listen to the little fish gasping and laughing, "no you peek." "Wei's heart,Please login or register to view links, like having a fire in a burning,Please login or register to view links, like a number of small creeping creeping,Please login or register to view links, finally bitten teeth and grin," you do not let me see, I also want to see I die is not to see. He has decided that the Lord of the moon must be knocked down at the moment, and the hero and the little fish will never have time to deal with others. The only thing left is that he is not in the heart. He waited for decades, and it was easy to wait until today. How could he miss the chance?

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