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    Shen light Hong Road: "Fifty Jin of nine ring knife,Please login or register to view links, the first voice is enough to seize people,Please login or register to view links, it seems that the man's arm power is not under the gold knife iron like the dragon,Please login or register to view links, but it is a 'Dang magic knife' Zeng Lun!" The little fish said,Please login or register to view links, "there is only a palace pen,Please login or register to view links, and the weight is very heavy. We can use such heavy weapons to fight the hole." Shen light Hong Dao: "let me see." The little fish said, "do you see?" It's the way you feel. Shen gently slid his fingers through the icy cold pen. The handshake of the penholder seemed to be carved with several words. He touched it word by word. It's on the top.

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